We build web and mobile applications, enabled by Node.js on the server side, and modern Javascript frameworks such as Backbone.js/Underscore.js, Angular.js, and a variety of other tools on the client side. We are also experienced in bringing near "native" level performance and polish to mobile platforms using HTML hybrid applications built with Phonegap / Apache Cordova

Our focus is on providing technical services to early and mid-stage startups, with particular attention to polish and performance, great user experience and design, as well as solid backend, database, and API engineering for all clients, whether they’re big or small.

Past and Current Projects

  • Kidoodle.TV - Kidoodle.TV is an over-the-top streaming video network for kids, focussed on providing a safe and fun environment to enjoy video content. Backblend was with the project from its start, providing system architecture and server infrastructure for autoscaling streaming media, web and mobile HTML-based client applications. We provide ongoing technical guidance and devops for the project, and assistance implementing new features on the server and web clients.
  • Factory floor manufacturing quality control terminal for a major inkjet printer manufacturer's facility, using HTML5 Canvas overlays on a streaming video feed
  • An HTML5 Canvas based meme generator for an entertainment industry client.
  • Refactoring a client's divergent mobile and desktop codebases into single responsive web application, and automating build processes for mobile/desktop and HTML hybrid mobile app targets of that codebase.
  • Converting static desktop web sites into dynamic responsive mobile-friendly layouts
  • Optimization automation, continuous integration and deployment workflow for web/mobile applications